May 26, 2013

Can Acting Face to Face Change the Face of Acting?

Can Acting Face to Face change the face of acting? I don't know, but it just may change your face and how you use it to communicate. A necessary skill for all on-camera actors, don't you think?  

It's been a long, yet exciting road and now finally Acting Face to Face: the actors guide to understanding how your face communicates emotion for TV and Film is done and up on 
Amazon in ebook format. Deep exhalation in gratitude and relief. 

Getting this first book out has been an incredible learning experience for me on so many levels. First, condensing years of teaching and research into a little over bite size 90 pages. Then having to wrap my brain around the technology needed to get it out to you and of course the marketing task, which to be frank and you can probably attest, is an ever learning process. 
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I hope my mission was accomplished in what I tried to bring forth in Acting Face to Face. One of which being to bring awareness to the fact that the playing field is not leveled for many if not most. There are some actors who were just born and raised to be better on-camera actors. As well, my intention was to give hope and answers to those who may not be in the lucky few, things that you can learn and do that can level the playing field.

My main goal in publishing this book was to share what happened to me so many years ago and help others prevent the same experience from happening to them. 
I wanted to share what I have learned about emotions and how they are expressed on the face so that you wouldn't have to spend the time and energy to dissect it all. And of course I wanted to share how it all applies to artistic expression, so that you the actor can achieve far greater things doing what you love most...acting. 

Although Acting Face to Face is written primarily for actors who wants to know how to take what they’ve learned about stage acting and apply it to on-camera work, I believe everyone who works in the imaginary emotional communication business could benefit from this process I developed for the camera. Actors, directors, casting directors, voice over artists, and photographers can all benefit from understanding the language the face speaks.  It is of great value to anyone who wants to understand how their face is communicating and how that is affecting either their performance and or their interactions with others.

In this book you’ll discover answers to many questions.  It will cover;
Why only a small percentage of actors get the most amount of on-camera work? 
What they do differently and how you can do what they do? 
Why you are often told your expressions are too big or too small?
And a whole lot more...

If you are not a fan of ebooks, although having it on your smartphone is pretty appealing when you find yourself waiting in lobbies, the paperback version is anticipated to be out in about 3 weeks. Of course as you would imagine, there are other considerations for the different layout and additional requirements to consider. I am currently putting that all together and hoping to have some more great reviews to include in it. 

If you have already bought a copy, I thank you. And if you have any questions, thoughts or comments please do either post them here, on Amazon or send them to me directly actingfacetoface@languageoftheface.comIf you haven’t gotten your copy and want to, Click HERE. 

This is my heartfelt thank you for your support and for following me on this ride...

Continue to bring your light and self to discovering what is possible for you when you uncover and apply something new.

More to come!