March 25, 2013

"Daniel Day Lewis"Academy What makes an Award Winning Face?

How fascinating to watch a master artist with the subtleties of emotion. Can you tell by this photo what he is feeling? If you say anger, you are in the ballpark.

Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis from the movie Lincoln
 There are 3 things going on with Daniel's face That are very telling about his emotional state. Can you tell what they are?

1. There's tension is the lower lids creating a more intense stare (anger family).

2. Jaw slightly jutting forward and Tension in the ridge of the upper lip (again anger family)

3.  Slight raising of the upper lip (levator labi superious) . In other words slight disgust.

If you look at my book cover below. The center photo in the bottom row, you see the slight disgust. You can tell this by the more intense fold on the side of my nose.
Combine these muscle groups together - the anger and disgust and you'll get scorned, which can appear when you feel you are being betrayed.

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