March 20, 2012

Want to work in a Spielberg Film?

Of course you do, who wouldn't…

To do so, you'll absolutely need to know how to create and reveal, awe, wonderment, excitement and fear on various levels.


Because Spielberg definitely likes to work with these four emotions a lot and they are what make the "Spielberg Face".

Watch the video below, one of my students shared with me and you'll see what I mean. Spielberg uses these emotions from the most subtle reveal to the more extreme. He skillfully intensifies them with his classic slow or fast push in of the camera. Each one of these four emotions are similar, yet have distinct subtle differences which make them not only look but feel differently. Although he uses these same emotions fairly consistently, we don't notice them being repeated, because of the actor's unique look and context in which they appear. To spot their unique differences, pay close attention to the eyebrows, eyes and mouth. Post your thoughts on what and where you see these slight variations of the now famous "Spielberg Face", or just post your favorite Spielberg moment.

091. The Spielberg Face from Kevin B. Lee on Vimeo.