December 30, 2013

My Top 10 Quotes for Going into 2014 "#9"

What's in a Reputation, You Ask?

When our self-esteem is high, we tend to do more things that are in our best interest.
Obviously, that's a good thing.

When it is low, we tend to act in the opposite direction.

An obvious example? Not keeping our word.
This means not only doing what we say we would do for others...
But it also means keeping our word to ourself!

When we consistently keep our word to ourselves and others...
When we do things that are in alignment with our goals...
When we take steps in the direction of our true wants...
We DO begin to build a positive "reputation" with ourself.

When we see ourself in a positive light, well, we feel good!
That will motivate us to do more things that make us feel even better!

Either action, positive or negative, will have an impact on how we see and feel
about ourself. About our choices!

An Artist's greatest weapon against fear, inactivity and failure is our own self-esteem.

Listen and begin to see how Quote #9  fits into your plan for success in this upcoming year!

Comments? Thoughts? Looking forward to them!