December 27, 2013

My Top 10 Motivational Quotes for 2014

What a year!
What a past few years!!

I think we can ALL say we are happy that we have made it through what has
been some of the toughest times in not only our recent memories but history!!

I heard this quote recently…

Tough Times Never Last,
But Tough People Do!
   ~ Robert H. Schuller

I think this quote is pretty telling of us ALL who have forged ahead and
pushed through some of these most difficult challenges.
So to YOU ALL –
Huge Kudos and MANY Congratulations!!

In the spirit of keeping our faith strong and head in the game,
check out my special video to you. I wanted to share with you
My Top 10 Most Meaningful Quotes. What they mean to me and
how you can utilize them for yourself in this New Year! I’m excited
to share these with you and hope they offer you as much thought,
resilience and desire to push ahead as they have me over the years -
the good years and the not so good ones.

Keep a look out for My Quote Countdown over the coming weeks!
I hope they come at just the right time for you…

I also want to take this moment to “Thank You” for being part of my LOF Community!
It means so much to me to have you along for my own journey of dedication and
exploration to and for our craft.

My Best Wishes To YOU!

Happy New Year… And Much Success in 2014!!

The following Video my introduction and QUOTE #10