August 5, 2013

Are You A Truthful Actor?

The other day I had a private session with an actor. Upon viewing his work, I asked him what was his goal in the scene he just did. His reply was, “To be truthful”.

I then asked him if he thought he accomplished that goal. With a slight satisfied smile on his face, he told me it felt truthful.

My reply to him was, well, it may have felt truthful to you, the problem is, I don’t believe you and what I as the viewer feels, is often the difference between you getting the job or not. 
Being truthful is a very worthy aim. However, “acting truth” is more than just what you feel.

Although my actor felt truthful, I didn’t believe the truth he was expressing.  
In the video below I talk about the two truths an actor needs to master to achieve deception

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