November 11, 2011

Are you in Alignment to Book?

Although this blog is primarily about sharing my work with you on the Language of the Face, I also want to address something else I find very important to your overall success: this work I call the “7 Shifts to Being in Alignment to Book.”
In future blogs, in addition to the Language of the Face, I’ll also be discussing some key elements that, if given greater awareness or consciousness, will help get you into alignment to book.
Here’s my thought for you: You just can’t depend on your lucky shirt for a good audition. Yeah, sometimes it works; most often it doesn’t. I know everyone wants to know the secret to booking and is always looking for clues or the last thing that may have worked. The truth is that superstitious rituals have nothing to do with it. Booking consistently requires a more calculated, holistic approach than wearing a lucky shirt or copping an “I don’t care” attitude, when you know darn well that you do.
So let’s start with the definition of alignment. If alignment is defined as the act of adjusting parts so they work in relation to one another, then being in alignment to book means that every action required for your success as an actor is working together to help you achieve your goals. When all factors are in alignment, booking is the easiest thing you’ll ever do.
There are 7 major shifts to which we need to bring consciousness if we want success. Self-Esteem, Being Pro-Active, Consistency and Follow Through, Knowledge of the Business, Level of Skill, What You Project, and Creativity. If you are out of alignment in any one of these areas, booking and success become very difficult.

In my many lectures, I have discovered that this process is not limited to new actors. At different phases in your career, whatever that career is, you may feel stalled in some way. As I post on each of the 7 Shifts, you may want to examine each one for yourself and see where you may want to bring more consciousness or awareness to. Success is not about doing everything but is about being in alignment for success to occur. Small shifts can reap great rewards.