October 28, 2011

Something For Fun

Halloween is in just a few days and that means frights fill the nights. While most people spend their lives avoiding scream inducing situations there are a few of us that actually pay money to be terrified.

In steps The Nightmare Fear Factory in Niagara Falls to offer that service with a smile. The kind of smile you might expect to see at the front desk of the Bates Motel but a smile none the less.

Take a look at The Nightmare Fear Factory Flickr feed and get a rare glimpse of the different reactions people have to surprise and fear. Some people naturally give over to the feeling and are fully expressive while others are obviously experiencing the fear but don't show very much of it at all. There are even some great examples of people trying to mask the fear with another emotion. Look through some of the photos and leave a comment about what you see.

I think that this is a great opportunity to study the different ways that people can show fear and surprise on their faces. It's also worth a few laughs.