September 14, 2012

Shift #4 Consistency and Follow-through

So far in our quest to be in alignment to book consistently, we have taken a deeper look at ourselves and begun to bring awareness to our level of self-esteem and our goals. With our goals in mind, we looked to increasing our knowledge of the business to determine what actions are needed achieve those goals. With the shift to being more proactive, we started creating and putting our plan in action. We also started to do some housekeeping to make sure that our time and energy is focused on the things we have influence over. Now is the time to see just how reliable our word is and if there needs to be shift in our consistency and follow through. 

Being consistent and following through has a tremendous effect on alignment.  Without it, you neither see the effects of your actions nor have an accurate assessment of what’s working and what isn’t. Whereas being proactive defines your intentions, being consistent and following through is the constant attention you give to achieving those goals.

Getting and staying in alignment to relies on consistency.  And both require a commitment to keep your word with yourself and others. If you’re being consistent, you won’t let six months pass by without taking action.  

To give this area more focus, take a good look at things you may have started but didn’t finish. Examine the steps you’ve taken toward achieving your goals and where you may have stopped taking action.  Where have you dropped the ball?  This is not an easy exercise – it forces you to confront some of your demons.  But it will ultimately lead you to the consciousness needed to get and stay in alignment. 

Take a moment today to think about the contract you made with yourself to be proactive.  To fully execute that contract, you must be vigilant with your word and take the matter of your integrity seriously.  If you don’t stay consistent with your commitment, areas in which you began to make progress will break down and you’ll find yourself having to start all over again.

When you stay consistent and follow through,  you reinforce your commitment to yourself and your goals...

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