February 14, 2012

Our Upcoming Seminars

For those who have yet to attend one of my free Nail That Reaction! Seminars, here's your chance! I have the next round of seminars coming up next week...

Dates with Open Seats:
Tuesday, February 21: 7pm-8:30pm or
Wednesday, February 22: 11am-12:30pm or
Thursday, February 23: 11am-12:30pm or
Saturday, February 25: 12pm-1:30pm or
Tuesday, February 28: 7pm-8:30pm or
Wednesday, February 29: 11am-12:30pm or
Thursday, March 1: 11am-12:30pm

This completely free seminar introduces you to the techniques and concepts you will learn in our Nail That Reaction Shot! program.

I will be going over what it takes to Nail The Reaction and book the job. I will also be getting into how we express or often don't express what we are feeling and what we can do to gain balance between what we feel and what we reveal. Come learn about the Language of the Face and see what kind of change a greater understanding of emotions and emotional facial expressions can make in your work and in your life.

To attend one of these seminars, email me at with your First and Alternate choice as well as a contact number.

Look forward to seeing you there-